49th State Street Rodders

Street Rodders BYLAWS

Street Rodders BYLAWS

49TH State Street Rodders Association, Inc.

By Laws

Article # I Name & principle office

Section #1. Name; The name of the association is, 49th State Street Rodders Association, Inc,

(Here in after referred to as "Association")

Section # 2. Principle Office: The Principle office of the Association shall be located at the residence of its duly elected President, or at the residence of his/her duly elected President, or at the residence of his/her successor in the event of the presidents death, resignation, disability or disqualification.


Article # II purpose of the organization

The purpose of the organization is to encourage the use, preservation & restoration of antique, custom, classic & street rod vehicles. To help people who are in need, organize fundraisers, special events, car shows & car Cruises.

Article # III Association Membership

  1. Membership in the Association is open to any person of good charter genuinely interested in any wheeled vehicles.
  2. A member is a person who has paid their current dues, ie $25.00 per individual or $ 50.00 per family, being spouse & dependent children, the above stated rates shall be in effect through 12-31-09. There shall be a change in the rates as of 01-01-10 in that dues for all categories shall be one amount, & that is $ 35.00. (in the event of a question of eligibility as a member, that issue shall be resolved by a vote of the current Association officers, their decision shall be final) the vote shall be decided by a simple majority.

* Majority Vote by our Members 6/2/2012 is an addendum to Article III Sub Section B:Any person (Or Husband/Wife Team) who chooses to become a "Life Member", may do so by filling out an application for membership, printing the word LIFETIME by their signature and remitting a non-refundable $500.00 USD to the 49th State Street Rodders Association. Additionally, any person who is a current member and has paid their dues, may make an additional payment to total the $500.00.  (Example: Dues are $35.00 plus $465.00 equals the $500.00 for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)

  1. Membership in the Association is not limited to a specific number.

Article # IV dues of the Association

  1. Dues may be changed by a simple majority vote of the membership, at any Association general membership meeting, consisting of at least 15 members.
  2. Yearly dues encompass a time frame commencing the 1st of January of each year, & are effective through & including 12-31-of that year.
  3. Members must be current on their dues to vote, (members may pay their dues at any time prior to voting).

Article # V Conduct

  1. There will be no fine or consequence to members that miss meetings or functions. Each member shall be responsible to inquire as to what transpired at any missed meetings or functions. Neither the Board, nor any other Association member is responsible for contacting or informing missing members.
  2. Members are to conduct themselves in a manner as not to downgrade the Association. Discussion is encouraged at meetings, & shall remain respectful to the membership. The actions of all members should reflect their interest in achieving the stated goals of the Association.
  3. The association does not condone the consumption of any intoxicating substance in relationship to any of its Cruises, Shows, or other events that involve the operation of the vehicles involved in any of these events. There MAY be an exception made at the discretion of the board, regarding alcoholic beverages, on an individual event such as a Christmas party or other social function.
  4. Each Association member bears the full responsibility & liability for their actions & the operation & maintenance of their vehicles. This includes rides given to non-member(s), at all events attended by, & or, sponsored by the Association.

Article # VI Officers & their Election

  1. The board of the Association shall consist of Six,(6), officers as follows & designated.
  1. President ------------ ( elected );
  2. Vice President ------- ( elected );
  3. Treasurer ------------- ( elected );
  4. Sergeant at Arms ---- ( elected );
  5. Secretary -------------- ( elected );
  6. Web Master ---------- ( permanent );

**** The web master could be changed by a general membership vote to initiate a new web-site ****

****The web master shall not have voting authority in matters only voted on by the board members**

  1. Elections will be held at a General membership meeting in November of the prior year, ( ie 2009 for 2010 ), the newly elected positions shall become effective 01-01- of the up coming year. Only paid members in good standing, who are at least 18 years of age. *** (Exception, a member at least 16 years of age with a valid drivers license may be granted voting rights by the board), May vote.
  2. Specific absentee ballots, signed by the eligible voting members are valid at an election.
  3. Elections, & General membership meeting votes are only valid if at least 15 eligible voting members are present, or in the case of an officer election an absentee ballot vote shall count as one member present, ie 14 members & 1 absentee ballot equals the 15 member requirement.
  4. In the unforeseen case of less than 15 eligible voting members being present at a November officer election, an exception to ARTICLE #VI section B would take effect, & it shall be the boards responsibility to announce a new election date as soon as possible without delay, ideally in December, prior to the new year.
  5. In the case of an officer election not being possible prior to the new year, officer positions voted on in the new year would take effect immediately.
  6. Additional officer election nominations may be submitted from the floor at the officer election meeting however this does not preclude any eligible voting member from casting their vote prior to this floor nomination.
  7. Elections of officers shall always be done by means of a written secret ballot, & in the case of a tie, the Officer vote involved vote that is tied shall be revoted. In the case of a second tie the officer tie vote shall be determined by a coin toss by a non-officer member.
  8. Write in votes on officer elections are valid with or with out nomination.
  9. A subject submitted to the General eligible voting membership for vote, may be published on the web site at least 10 days prior to the next General membership meeting & may be voted on at the next meeting if published as above. It shall be the responsibility of members without web access to call & inquire if there are any recently published subjects up for vote.

Article # VII Officers & their duties

***** Officers must be members in good standing *****

  1. President ---------- The President shall preside at meetings, have general supervision over business affairs of the Association, & with direct assistance from the Sergeant at arms preserve parliamentary order & maintain observance of the bylaws. The Presidents vote shall count as two, in the case of a tie vote, except in the case of Officer elections. (Refer to article VI sections H. responsible for P.O.B.
  2. Vice President------- Shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the President, & shall assume duties & tasks as delegated by the President.
  3. Treasurer ----------- Shall handle & provide documentation for all club funds given to his/her care, send bills, Keep an accurate & up to date timely account of all receipts & expenditures. The treasurer shall verbally give a financial, specific item by item report at all general membership meetings.
  4. Sergeant At Arms ---------- The Sergeant At Arms shall cal all meetings to order, which will include both board & general membership meetings. He / She, shall restore order at meetings as needed, or when the President so directs. The Sergeant At Arms shall familiarize Him / Her self with the Associations bylaws articles of incorporation & Roberts Rules Of Order.
  5. Secretary ---------The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of both board & general membership meetings. The secretary shall receive all outgoing & incoming communications, & shall read any appropriate communications aloud at membership meetings. He/She shall keep all past & current membership applications, election records. Shall provide a roll call sign in ledger at meetings to assist in determining if there is a quorum of voting members present. Shall prepare any appropriate documents as directed by the President.

F. Web-Master ---------- The Web-Master shall maintain the Web site which currently represents the Association, is most easily accessed via " akstreetrodders.com" the web master position is a permanent non elected board position. The Webb Master is responsive to all members’ appropriate input, which is requested & appreciated. If in the case of a member requesting a questionable entry be made to the web site, this request would be referred to & decided by the board for final decision. The web Master chronicles the Associations events via writing & photos, which includes but is not limited to points of interest for all members. Refer to Article VI section f. - All due effort shall be made to assure that such notice is published as soon as possible on the web site & that notices are sent out via "E" mail.

Article # VIII By-law Changes

Changes or Amendments to the Stated by-laws of the Association Can be Approved by simple majority At a General Membership Meeting, Where 15 or more eligible voting members are present, & notice of the proposal was given at the previous General Membership meeting.


Article # IX Standing Rules

A ---No part of the net Earnings or money of this organization shall be directly distributed to or spent to insure the benefit of any club member, director or officer of this association, or to any contributor or business or associate of the organization. In the event of dissolution or liquidation of the assets of the Association, any asset’s remaining as property of the association shall be distributed to charitable not for profit organizations or institutions in our communities as may be designated by a majority of the General membership. B --- A copy of the Association membership Roster may be provided to any member in good standing, upon request, as soon as practical twice a year, by any officer able to do so.

These By Laws stand as written,& Supersede any & all instruments referred to prior as this Associations By Laws,. 04-12-09

Witnessed & verified John R. Troutner---President --2009

This website is owned and maintained  for the 49th State - Street Rodders,
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