Veterans Wall
Veterans Wall
Bless with a sunny day, the members of the 49th State Street Rodders were joined by our friends and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assoc. to do a long overdue cleanup of the Veteran's Wall of Honor in Wasilla, on Sunday Sept. 15th!

Lawns were mowed, weeds pulled, flower gardens purged. We worked together to cover the lawn with fresh compost, the spent and disheveled flower gardens cleaned out and covered with Typar and white marble rock. New American flags line the two main walks and a huge bouquet is placed on the top tier of the garden.

We would like to thank the following people for their efforts on behalf of All Veterans, everywhere. The Veterans Wall of Honor, one again, shows the respect and dignity that it so deserves!

49th State Street Rodders - Suz and John Troutner, Jane Ann Aldrich, John Holcomb, Melodie and Chris Blankenship, Larry Tvelia, Margaret and Charles Brawley and Dave & Ben Retherford.

Friends - Deb and Vince Walser, Bob Rose, Dave and Rose Stanton, Dave Alvarez and Anne Bailey, Brittany and Gavyn Stanton, Mark (Preacher) Schwulst and Mom (Hazel).

CVMA - Charles Herman, Nick Sheals, Doc S, and Kevin, Shepherd, Gordon Hammonds, Fred Becker, Frank, Pappy, JT, No Turn, Nickhead, Joker, Matt, Duane, Tiny, Easy, Pigpen, Ed (Moon) and Annette Mullens and Mike Jarrett.

Deepest Appreciation to our Sponsors: O'Reilly Auto Parts, BURKE'S MILITARY & FLAGS, Lowes Wasilla, Palmer Spenard Builders and the Havermeister Farm in Palmer.We couldn't have done any of this without you!

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Moving rocks and cleaning out the flower beds